We are too young to talk about forever.

Anonymous asked: I have the extreme urge to cut and cry please help im sorry for ruining your good mood


Alright, here’s what I need you to do you fucking cutie.
Clear a spot on your floor if there isn’t a clear spot.
Lie out a big sheet on the floor, and then put a big soft blanket on it. Get fucking naked you fucking sweetheart. Lie down on the blanket and wrap yourself up in it like a fucking burrito you cute fuck. Now this is the most important part. You’re gonna pull yourself really tight in the blanket. Close your eyes, and you’re gonna make the sound of your favorite fucking animal as loud and as adorable as you can, you amazing fuck. And while you’re making the sound, roll around on the floor wrapped up in your big warm blanket burrito
Is your favorite animal a duck? You better fucking quack like the cute motherfucker you are.
You like elephants? You better make that weird MRRRRRRRRRH sound they make you fucking amazing specimen of the human fucking species.
It will feel silly but it might help take your beautiful mind off of these terrible thoughts. And the whole time you’re doing this remember: I fucking love you, you sweetie.